iPod Touch 5th Generation Review (32 GB Black Model)

I never really reviewed my iPod touch 5th gen; I love the device and think that to this day it is still a great buy for a lot of people. I have the black 32GB model The main reasons I never reviewed the device were the following: I did not think I could do it justice and I did not have any devices to compare it to other than a fourth gen iPod touch and a Galaxy Nexus. Now I have an iPhone 5S that I just reviewed and since the iPod Touch 5th gen is still the latest generation why not review it and see how well this device does a year after its launch.


The iPod touch looks AMAZING! Its incredibly thin, light and beautiful. There are many different color finishes on the back aluminum which is a welcome change from the disgusting shiny silver finish on the previous generation that was so easy to fog up and ruin. I have the black/slate finish because it is the only model that has a black front around the screen and I must say the black looks really nice. If you want something to compare the feel of the iPod touch, take a look at the iPad Mini; the iPod touch is almost just a shrunken iPad mini in terms of design. Over all the iPod Touch 5th has to be one of the best put together iOS devices of all time.



The display on the iPod Touch 5th Gen is the exact same as the iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S. Its a gorgeous 4 inch display with a 326ppi and it is the most important improvement from the 4th gen iPod Touch. The display is not only sharper it is also brighter and has amazing color reproduction. I am able to keep my iPod on 50% brightness while being satisfied with it.


While Apple made sure they put the latest and greatest screen in their iPod Touch they were not as worried about the camera. The iPod touch has the exact same camera as the iPhone 4; a 5mp isight camera. There is nothing amazing about the aperture, illumination, or sensor. There is no doubt that this is an improvement from the video only camera on the 4th gen but compared to the latest devices available today the iPod Touch comes up short. Even the iPads, which have 5mp camera, have a new aperture and are now backside illuminated.


When it comes to speakers I do not ask a lot. All I need is basic sound reproduction, with an acceptable volume, and not cracking/static noise. If you read my MacBook Air review you will see that I was unsatisfied with the speakers. I was also unsatisfied with how quiet the 4th generation iPod Touch's speaker was. Luckily the iPod Touch 5th generation has a great speaker. If fills all of my requirements and is great over all.


The iPod Touch features Apple's two year old A5 processor. Luckily the processor is still powerful enough to power the iPod Touch at a great pace but I do not know how much longer that will be true. Apple is now on the A7 64-bit processor so that means the A5 will get old real quick once apps are optimized for a 64-bit architecture.

Battery Life

The iPod touch has great battery life. I was able to get a full days use from the iPod Touch on the first day I used it and I still can get a full days use one year later. I used the iPod quite a lot and the all day battery life is really helpful.


iOS 7 is a great OS and anyone who says otherwise is crazy; likewise anyone who says iOS 7 is a perfect OS or the best OS is also crazy. iOS is a solid operating system, its stable and compatible with a lot of apps. The change from iOS 6 to 7 includes both design changes and added features. Whether you agree with the design or not I can not take anyone seriously who refuses to update and misses out on the new features. I use my iPhone and iPod Touch to do a lot of tasks day to day and the best part about iOS 7 is that I can rely on it to get the job done. iOS 7 is also the home of Apple's amazing apps store. With the largest supply of quality apps it is truly an asset on the iPod Touch to have access to all of those apps. You will still have complaints about the lack of openness in iOS 7 or the fact that any app in Apple's App Store needs to have their approval but I must say that my iPod Touch works well while Apple is in control!


In conclusion the iPod Touch was a great device when it first came out, and even though it has been a year it is a still a great device to buy today. The design is unmatched and there is no way to convey how thin and light this device is. If you are looking for a high quality camera or a super gaming device this may not be for you but if you want a well balance handy tool with enough battery to last all day then go no further. The iPod touch is still $299 for the 32GB model, $399 for the 64GB model, and $229 for the stripped down 16GB model. Honestly I can not recommend the purchase of the 16GB iPod Touch but the 32GB or 64GB models are still a great buy for this christmas!

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