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iPod Touch 5th Generation Review (32 GB Black Model)

I never really reviewed my iPod touch 5th gen; I love the device and think that to this day it is still a great buy for a lot of people. I have the black 32GB model The main reasons I never reviewed the device were the following: I did not think I could do it justice and I did not have any devices to compare it to other than a fourth gen iPod touch and a Galaxy Nexus. Now I have an iPhone 5S that I just reviewed and since the iPod Touch 5th gen is still the latest generation why not review it and see how well this device does a year after its launch.

iPhone 5S Review

In the past my reviews have ranged depending the time I had with the object; my iPad Mini review was taken 1 week after I had received the product and therefore it was not the best representation of my opinions. However I have come to the conclusion that about 2-3 weeks is the sweet spot for a usage period. I have had my iPhone since October 1st (so about 1 month now) and I must say I am in love with this elegant yet powerful device!