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MacBook Air 13 Inch (Mid 2013) Review

Video Review
First Impressions:
When I recieved my MacBook air I was thrilled! I had been waiting for about 1 week since I ordered a custom model with 8GB of Ram instead of 4GB. My Full specs are on the right. Another thing to make a note of is that this is my first MacBook. I have used iMacs at school or at a friends house but a Windows PC was always my main computer and the main computer for my family. When my laptop was getting out dated and I saved enough cash I began looking for a Mac but wanted to wait for a new air which I knew would be announced some time soon. My unboxing of the Air was not recorded since many of those were already online and to be honest mine was quite messy. I was amazed by how quick the boot time was; I literally waited seconds and then it was ready to be set up! After some use I am also amazed with the quality of sound. It is not professional sound by any standard; however, the speakers on the Air are actually under the keyboard and sound comes out through …