Valley Lake Park: Observatories

Creating The Observatory Sector
When Creating Valley Lake I had a the complete idea of the Park being large enough to divide into sectors, however I had no idea that the themes of some sectors would be so strong and that they would stick out. When it comes down to the Observatories there is not scenery that is more prevalent throughout the park. This sector is about shows/activities instead of thrills, the area has only two rides and a movie theater. I felt that the forest theme was the perfect feel for this area and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Video Editing
I used multiple programs to edit this video as well as other videos about this park. To record the footage of this park I use the flying camera tool built into RCT3. (To access it hold down ctrl+Shift+0) After recording the video I needed to cut out the segments that were unneeded either because its extra or the shot was bad. Once I do that I change the file to a type that can be edited in iMovie. To do the editing and converting I use Cyberlink PowerDirector. Now I edit the Movie using iMovie trailers. The tool is amazing and no matter how much time you put into a product it rarely turns out as good without the use of this tool. (Unless your a professional editor!) Since I do not own a Mac I actually edit using iMovie either on an iPad or even an iPod Touch! After the iMovie trailer is made I take the video and import it back into PowerDirector and then I add the custom images such as the logo on the bottom right and the image before/after the video. For this video I also added in my little commentary. To make the images and logo I actually use Google Drive Drawings. It is a very simple program and I don't need an application as powerful or expensive as photoshop. Finally I take this finished product and upload it to YouTube!

Your Turn!
This is still a work in progress and this video is only a preview. Please give me some suggestions on things to add or change so that I can take this to the next level!

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