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Valley Lake Park: Observatories

Creating The Observatory Sector
When Creating Valley Lake I had a the complete idea of the Park being large enough to divide into sectors, however I had no idea that the themes of some sectors would be so strong and that they would stick out. When it comes down to the Observatories there is not scenery that is more prevalent throughout the park. This sector is about shows/activities instead of thrills, the area has only two rides and a movie theater. I felt that the forest theme was the perfect feel for this area and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

The Chromebook Pixel, A High-Class Chromebook

The Chromebook  a relatively simple device. It has about the same components as a high-class tablet, but with the form factor of a laptop. The positives of a Chromebook are its cheap price tag of about $200, its always connected to the internet, it has an almost instant start up and its software is updated free all the time. However, are these positives worth sacrificing some great technology components such as HD screens or powerful processors. This question may  answered with the Chromebook Pixel.