iPad Mini Review

This holiday season I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Apple's new iPad mini! The device was certainly a great buy especially at the price point of $429 for 32 GB. I have reviewed this product both in video and in this article, the video is posted above and was made on 12/27/12. If you have already watched the video read the article for any other information I have added of skip to the latest updates at the bottom.

First Impressions Review (Video Info)
The iPad Mini is a great device with amazing hardware. I have owned this device for about a week and I truly believe that this is just as much an iPad like any other. The iPad features an A5 processor. This chip is great for multitasking and has amazing Dual Core CPU and graphics. The improvement from A4 to A5 is amazing. On the iPod Touch 4th generation you will find and A4 chip, it is slow, lagging, and is not powerful enough to run its software. The A5 is more than enough and was even able to support a full console grade graphics.

Next up on the iPad Mini is the design. The outside of this device is almost identical to the design of the iPod Touch. It has an iodized Aluminum uni-body that has a very high resemblance to the Macbook line. Over all it is very fit and finish. The sleek look is modern and nice and rumors have circulated that future iPad Minis and regular size iPads will have this same design. The iPad mini is thin and has a great form factor of 7.9 inches. It is easily held in one hand.

The only downside to this tablet that I can see is the screen. The iPad mini was not given a retina display most likely for one reason, the battery life. A retina display is a HUGE drain on battery because of all the pixels that have to be lit. The density of the pixels would once again be so large that it would have to be a double layered display (pixels on a separate layer from the signal grid) and the batter would have to be about twice its current size. These two factors would dramatically increase the size and weight of the iPad mini thus lowering its appeal to the average consumer.

I Returned it (12/30/12)
Yes I sadly returned my iPad Mini. Although my review was extremely positive there was still one very large problem. The screen was definitely not at Apple standards. If you are viewing a video or some photos it looks fine, however most text was blurry. In addition the color saturation of this screen was very lacking which made some pictures and video less real. The screen is definitely the most important part of any tablet and for a price of $429 this tablet was just not good enough for me. If the rumors are true the iPad Mini will have a retina screen in March, or there is always a full size iPad. Nevertheless, this is not the end of my story.

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