Using Your Microphone Jack as an Audio in Port!

Now I am not trying to make you feel stupid, this is only to clear up some issues you may be having. There really is not a lot of steps in this process. Take a look at the video above to actually see me do this and then read this article if you have any questions.

The Steps
So what we did to turn our microphone jack to an audio in port was very simple. First right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right. Then Click on sounds. On the four tabs at the top of the window click on "External Mic." If your computer is showing multiple Mics you have to find out which one corresponds with the port your using. Right click on the external mic and then click properties. Now on the four tabs at the top of the properties window click levels. This is where you have to use your head. The bottom meter is changeable. If the media your playing through your speakers is quiet then move the meter up to right. If the media is quiet move the meter to the left. If your not sure whether the media is loud or soft leave it in the middle and don't worry, you can change this setting later on. Next click on the advanced tab at the top. In the drop box you need to be able to select a "2 channel" setting. What this means is the sound will work on both speakers! Most modern computers and Laptops have this feature so you should be fine. If you don't have this feature then you need to go to your local geek or tech store and tell them your story, they should be able to help. Also in this drop down menu you will see different qualities such as "(CD Quality)." If you are  using ok speakers then select CD Quality or DVD Quality. If you are using very nice speakers select the Studio Quality that is third down from the top. Finally for the last step go to the listen tab at the top. Click the check box that says listen to this device. Now hit apply. Play the media you have connected. If it is too loud or too soft go back to the levels tab and move that bottom slider accordingly. After you adjust it and you like your settings hit OK to close this window and then OK again. Now you are all set!

The Uses
Well the uses can be limited in the sense that all you are really doing is playing audio through your computer out to speakers. Never the less I do have a few examples to give you an idea. If you were using a smart phone and wanted to use your laptop as speakers all you need is an auxiliary cable (Aux for short) and then your done. I have witnessed a more rare occurrence, my grandpa has a device that takes records and transfers that to audio. If I hook this up to my computer and use an app such as Audacity to record it I could turn his records into CDs.

Well obviously this is not the most important thing you would do with your computer but It certainly could be helpful when connecting media devices to your computer!

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