Facebook Changed Your email Without You even Knowing It.


The other day I was on Facebook and noticed that my main email that showed up on my timeline was changed! I eventually discovered that this wasn't a huge problem since my other emails were still there and with literally 5 clicks my settings were back to the way they use to be. But I still had two questions in my mind. Why does Facebook do these little tweaks to our profile? Why do people over react when things like this happen?

 Facebook is not always the clearest social media site. When they do little tweaks to there website we don't always understand why. Some of the larger tweaks like timeline have been a little easier to understand but little things like this new change in emails just don't seem to make sense! Facebook is not gaining anything from this change. They don't know anything new about us, it doesn't change the look of our profiles, and no money was gained after this change. So in the end its completely harmless and pointless.

With all these harmless changes Facebook provides why do people seem to freak out about every single change. Some people don't like the fact that their online lives can be changed with the touch of a button. What also scares some people is that this change went unnoticed for about 3 days! People don't realize Facebook is a company and all companies have goals no matter what the official label of the goal is they always seem to want more money! So don't worry everyone we are all fine their aren't any battle scars all over Facebook this is a minor tweak and don't let it take up too much of your valuable time!

So how have we emerged from this, exactly the same as how we started. No harm done. So don't freak out, don't complain to the world, and don't delete your profile over this minor skirmish. All we can do is keep on using the internet and be ready for the next change!

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