Face Search Coming Soon!

Are Our Faces Private?

The rumors of a new technology have been circling. The belief is that eventually we can do a search in an entirely new way! Right now in the present when you search it is very simple you put in some key words in a search providers box hit search and you can customize your results. One of the most common results chosen is images or pictures, but wouldn't it be useful to reverse it?

A new technology is getting ready to come and that would be searching by face rather than name! Think about it, if you have a picture of a friend from a couple years ago and you can't remember their name all you have to do is search it up and you could find their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. This handy tool could be so useful to so many people so why are so many freaking out about it?

Privacy is very important to some people. The power to search for anyone off of any picture could violate that privacy if they are not equipped for it. Services like twitter and Facebook have privacy settings. If you don't want anyone to be able to see your beach photos, or your cousins at the latest family reunion then use those settings to stop people. And for those people who prefer to stay off the grid and only use it as a tool your in luck. As long as you don't upload a picture of yourselves to the internet there is nothing to search for! So really what is there to fear?

This technology is not one of those things that might happen, its coming the question is when. Will you support it or not? Do you think this will be a helpful tool or a terrible weapon. No matter what your opinion is don't be afraid of the future face it, in which ever way that happens to be! 

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