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iPad Mini Review

This holiday season I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Apple's new iPad mini! The device was certainly a great buy especially at the price point of $429 for 32 GB. I have reviewed this product both in video and in this article, the video is posted above and was made on 12/27/12. If you have already watched the video read the article for any other information I have added of skip to the latest updates at the bottom.

Using Your Microphone Jack as an Audio in Port!

Now I am not trying to make you feel stupid, this is only to clear up some issues you may be having. There really is not a lot of steps in this process. Take a look at the video above to actually see me do this and then read this article if you have any questions.

Facebook Changed Your email Without You even Knowing It.


The other day I was on Facebook and noticed that my main email that showed up on my timeline was changed! I eventually discovered that this wasn't a huge problem since my other emails were still there and with literally 5 clicks my settings were back to the way they use to be. But I still had two questions in my mind. Why does Facebook do these little tweaks to our profile? Why do people over react when things like this happen?

Face Search Coming Soon!

Are Our Faces Private?

The rumors of a new technology have been circling. The belief is that eventually we can do a search in an entirely new way! Right now in the present when you search it is very simple you put in some key words in a search providers box hit search and you can customize your results. One of the most common results chosen is images or pictures, but wouldn't it be useful to reverse it?