iPad Air Review

First Impressions:Overall my first impressions are positive, the device has a beautiful display which was my main reason for buying it. The design of this iPad is everything I wanted and more. I am so tired of the old iPad design so the refresh is welcome. If you want to here more about my iPad take a look at the video below.

iPod Touch 5th Generation Review (32 GB Black Model)

I never really reviewed my iPod touch 5th gen; I love the device and think that to this day it is still a great buy for a lot of people. I have the black 32GB model The main reasons I never reviewed the device were the following: I did not think I could do it justice and I did not have any devices to compare it to other than a fourth gen iPod touch and a Galaxy Nexus. Now I have an iPhone 5S that I just reviewed and since the iPod Touch 5th gen is still the latest generation why not review it and see how well this device does a year after its launch.

iPhone 5S Review

In the past my reviews have ranged depending the time I had with the object; my iPad Mini review was taken 1 week after I had received the product and therefore it was not the best representation of my opinions. However I have come to the conclusion that about 2-3 weeks is the sweet spot for a usage period. I have had my iPhone since October 1st (so about 1 month now) and I must say I am in love with this elegant yet powerful device!

New Cell Phone Plans of 2013, You Are Getting Screwed!


MacBook Air 13 Inch (Mid 2013) Review

Video Review
First Impressions:
When I recieved my MacBook air I was thrilled! I had been waiting for about 1 week since I ordered a custom model with 8GB of Ram instead of 4GB. My Full specs are on the right. Another thing to make a note of is that this is my first MacBook. I have used iMacs at school or at a friends house but a Windows PC was always my main computer and the main computer for my family. When my laptop was getting out dated and I saved enough cash I began looking for a Mac but wanted to wait for a new air which I knew would be announced some time soon. My unboxing of the Air was not recorded since many of those were already online and to be honest mine was quite messy. I was amazed by how quick the boot time was; I literally waited seconds and then it was ready to be set up! After some use I am also amazed with the quality of sound. It is not professional sound by any standard; however, the speakers on the Air are actually under the keyboard and sound comes out through …

Valley Lake Park: Observatories

Creating The Observatory Sector
When Creating Valley Lake I had a the complete idea of the Park being large enough to divide into sectors, however I had no idea that the themes of some sectors would be so strong and that they would stick out. When it comes down to the Observatories there is not scenery that is more prevalent throughout the park. This sector is about shows/activities instead of thrills, the area has only two rides and a movie theater. I felt that the forest theme was the perfect feel for this area and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

The Chromebook Pixel, A High-Class Chromebook

The Chromebook  a relatively simple device. It has about the same components as a high-class tablet, but with the form factor of a laptop. The positives of a Chromebook are its cheap price tag of about $200, its always connected to the internet, it has an almost instant start up and its software is updated free all the time. However, are these positives worth sacrificing some great technology components such as HD screens or powerful processors. This question may  answered with the Chromebook Pixel.